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Resource Scheduling versus Conflicting Appointments

So, a user is setup on our Exchange 2003 server as resource.  I want to allow people to book the ‘user’ (i.e. room) as a resource, but I don’t want to allow them to book conflicting meeting.  So we have the option to select that within the room’s calendar setup (when setting up the room through Outlook 2003).  However, in order to allow users to book the room we have to give them at least ‘Author’ privileges.  Which means they can just go into the room’s calendar and book a meeting directly which can conflict.  If you only give the user ‘Reviewer’ privileges then they can’t book the room as a resource when creating a calendar appointment.

So the question I have is how do I avoid this situation?  I want to allow them to book the resource but not be able to create conflicting meetings directly in the calendar.

I’m sure I’m missing something…